Our experience in the management of Payroll has allowed us to form a structure of administration of the Payroll that allows to fulfill all the formal-labor obligations without having setbacks, given the information flow platform that we maintain with our clients.

Our work will be oriented to the following objectives:

Provide the service Payroll Payroll Administration under the labor and tax guidelines related to personnel management.

Liquidate monthly, in a timely and efficient manner, the rates, contributions and taxes related to the returns to which the company is affected.

Ensure the timely fulfillment of formal tax obligations on the forms for this we will be responsible for the preparation of the electronic form as other reports that the Company requires for internal control.

Perform and verify the monthly forms.

Establish employment contracts.

Advise and provide recommendations regarding internal control policies that deal with the operations of personnel, human resources and others that are related to services.

PCP Global