ARVA has the experience, resources and technology that allow us to offer the possibility of freeing our clients from administrative, accounting and financial processes that distract them from their main objective: to maximize the potential of their organizations.

Our services of BPS-Outsourcing accounting strengthen the competitive advantages of our clients, by allowing them to integrate in their organization the processing of transactions carried out by specialists supported with all the experience of our Firm. Thus, our commitment to quality, efficiency and professional rigor is integrated with the organization of our clients. At ARVA we seek to be the leaders of the accounting outsourcing service in our country.

We have a quality control of the Tax Area of our Firm, which tax validates the Declarations and Tax Obligations, sequentially.

Our customer base is mainly subsidiaries and / or branches of foreign companies, so we have the organizational development of our BPS Area according to international standards.

In this sense, the services we offer include:

Tax compliance.

Accounting consulting under GAAP and IFRS.

Accounting Outsourcing Service.

Supervision Service and / or Accounting Management.

Liquidation of the monthly and annual Tax Worksheet.

Preparation of Financial Statements in national and foreign currency, on pre-established closing dates.

Processing of accounting information in our accounting system or in that of the company.

Update of accounting processes of previous periods.

Preparation of accounting reports abroad.

Analysis or supports of the accounts.

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