Internal Audit is an independent activity that takes place within the company and is aimed at reviewing accounting, financial and tax operations, in order to provide a control service to the Management.

The main objective of our Firm is to assist the Directorate in fulfilling its functions and responsibilities, providing objective analysis, evaluations, recommendations and all kinds of pertinent comments on the operations examined.

This objective is fulfilled through other more specific ones such as the following:

· Verify the reliability or degree of reasonableness of the accounting and extra-accounting information generated at the different levels of the organization.

· Monitor the proper functioning of the internal control system (which implies its survey and evaluation), both the internal accounting control system and the operational one.

· Internal control is a function that aims to safeguard and preserve the assets of the company, avoid undue disbursement of funds and offer assurance that no obligations will be incurred without authorization.

· Protect the assets of the organization avoiding losses due to fraud or negligence.

· Ensure the accuracy and veracity of the accounting and extra-accounting data, which are used by management to make decisions.

· Promote the efficiency of exploitation.

· Stimulate the follow-up of the practices ordered by management.

· Promote and evaluate safety, quality and continuous improvement.

To fulfill our objectives, we base our work on an internal control system that consists of having:

· An organizational plan that provides an appropriate functional distribution of authority and responsibility.

· A plan of authorizations, accounting records and adequate procedures to provide good accounting control over assets and liabilities, income and expenses.

· Effective procedures with which to carry out the projected plan.

· A staff duly educated about their rights and obligations, which must be in proportion to their responsibilities.

· The internal audit is part of Internal Control and has as one of its fundamental objectives the improvement and protection of said internal control.

· Internal control evaluation techniques (procedure memoranda, flowcharts, statistical techniques, internal control questionnaires and management tools (Management System).

The outsourcing of the Internal Audit may be monthly or as a special work, with the delivery of reports as a result of examinations carried out.

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